J.M. Carvalho Araújo

Architect . Braga, 1961

José Manuel Castro Carvalho Araújo was born in 1961 in Braga, city where he lives and works.
He develops design projects on a small and broad scale. He concludes his degree in architecture in 1990.
In 1986 he takes on the management of Carvalho Araújo Study Centre that works as a laboratory, testing a new way to face the subjects of creative design. In 1996 he establishes J.M. Carvalho Araújo, whose project is to explore the several “drawings” and to establish bridges between them. The architectural or equipment drawing is treated with the same care, always signalling and feeling the issue of scale difference.
Nowadays the Atelier Carvalho Araújo, based in Braga (Portugal) and in São Paulo (Brasil), is committed in the research and reflexion of different ways of approaching, in the fields of architecture, product design and creative management, in an attempt to balance project technique with a more strategic insight. Carvalho Araújo projects and products portray elegance, in a spirit of formal restraint, valuing the quality of design, the dimensions and the materials. The design is no motive to exhibitionism, but rather an act perfectly rational and simultaneously poetic.

2006 - 2nd Prize, Vodafone Building – Oporto, Portugal.
2007 - 1st Prize, Music Academy of S. João da Madeira.
2009 - National Design Award Sena da Silva, Equipment Award, with Street Line from Larus.
2010 – BID (Bienal Ibero-American), with Street Line from Larus.
2012 - Honourable Mention, Municipal Library and Archive of Grândola.
2014 - Finalist in Archdaily, Building of the Year 2014, category “Hospitality Architecture”, with the project “DE LEMOS” - Viseu, Portugal.
2014 – GNRation - National Urban Rehabilitation Award.
2015 - Banco Popular – 1st Prize/ Industrial Condominium, Gondomar – Portugal.
2016 - Finalist of the Ibero-American (X BIAU) Award, with the project “Refúgio na Montaria”.


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