Hydra Drinking fountains
designed by Diwiz

Inclusive drinking fountain, reducing the ecological footprint, encouraging the consumption of mains water, the use and reuse of own non-disposable containers and the reuse of water for animals.
The larger version facilitates access for people with reduced mobility.




Steel, cast iron, aluminum.

Allows bottle refill
Yes (L, S, Refill, Refill Portable).

Pet bowl capacity
3,5L (Hydra S); 1,8L (Hydra L).

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
HYDRA S drinking fountain (270x400x940mm).
HYDRA L drinking fountain (260x560x1330mm).
HYDRA Wash drinking fountain (400x400x1250mm).
HYDRA Refill drinking fountain (250x250x1000mm).
HYDRA Refill Portable drinking fountain (500x500x1280mm).