Cusco benches

by W2V + Providência Design / Diogo Frias

Brutalist aesthetics as a guarantee of sustainability.

These products integrate industrial waste, promoting new greener consumer
trends and a positive impact on the environment through circular economy.
Consist of cement composite and up to 40% recycled industrial waste.
In these pieces, the material characteristics of surface irregularity, neutral chromatism and volumetric solidity are valued. Recycled industrial waste from metal casting, surface treatment of metals and natural stone processing industries is used. The coloring will
normally be that of natural concrete or gray paint, with the possibility of acquiring another pigmentation (upon request).


Recycled concrete

- straight edges / rounded edges

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
Cusco (680x530x425mm)
Cusco XL (1985x690x425mm)


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