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Pista Check-up Health
designed by Larus

Health self-assessment solution contemplating an indoor area (the “Check up Centre”), and an outdoor pedestrian circuit where and useful information and self-examination billboards can be found.

Standard Equipment

- 11 informative panels (Welcome, Check-Up Center, Start, Muscle Stretching, Subjective Effort Perception, Ideal Heart Rate Value, Perfect Marching Speed, Food Wheel, Color Blind Detection, Eye Check, Heartbeats Recovery Speed).
- directional plates.
- traveled distance.

Indoor/Check-Up Center: 
- scale and caliber (BMI Chart).
- sphygmomanometer (blood pressure).
- tape measure (waist circumference).
- podoscope (feet sole analysis).
- oximeter (oxygen saturation)
- body temperature

- 12 + 1 informative panels (allow to interpret tests results): BMI Chart, Blood Pressure, Waist Circumference, Feet sole analysis, Oxygen Saturation, Body Temperature, Type 2 Diabetes and CDV Risk, Fatal Cardiovascular Risk, Testicular Self-examination, Breast self-examination, Hydration Level, Useful recommendations.
-  Flowmetry (optional).

Optional equipment:
- flowmeter (urinary flow) 
- defibrillator (basic life support).


Outdoor equipment: steel, HPL (High Pressure Laminates).
Indoor area / Check-Up Centre: steel, HPL (High Pressure Laminates), aluminium, fibreglass, glass, sandwich panel.

- customizable dimensions.
- customizable interior.

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
Informative Panel (600x1800x90mm).
Directional Plate (200x6x500mm).
Traveled Distance (200x6x300mm).

Check-Up Center (4000x3000x3000mm).
or any existing structure with at least 12m2.