Urb WC Kiosks & Terraces
designed by Jorge Trindade

Minimalist self cleaning public toilet, with the main concern being its integration into historical or contemporary spaces.
Equipped with an automatic cleaning system, ensuring maximum disinfection, hygiene and safety. 
Available in three dimensions: Small, Medium and Big.


Steel, aluminium + HPL (High Pressure Laminates), antiskid ceramics, fibreglass, sandwich panel, stainless steel.

Included equippment: 
- natural lighting (skylight feature), ventilation grids, stainless steel toilet, grab bars, paper roll holders, washbasin with soap dispensers, baby changing room and waste receptacles.
- automatic self-cleaning and disinfecting system of the toilet lid, washbasin and floor.
- GSM wireless communication system, which transmits alarm or troubleshooting information to a control center.
- interior and exterior lighting, automatic sliding access doors activated by smartphone (app), coins system or the use of bank card.

Optional equippment:
- backlit mupi.
- air conditioning / heating.
- drinking fountain (connected to the mains water supply system).
- cleaning water reuse system.

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
URB SMALL kiosk (2500x1640x3000mm).
URB MEDIUM kiosk (2750x2500x3000mm).
URB BIG kiosk (4070x2500x3000mm).