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Solar Lighting

Lighting of pedestrian zones, incorporating technical components in the pole, allowing for a discreet presence. 
Solar solution with LED technology, ensuring higher energy efficiency and better quality of lighting, leading to greater safety with low maintenance costs. 
Environmentally friendly product.


Steel (structure), fiber glass (luminaire & solar photovoltaic panels module).

Light source: LED.
Power: 9,8W.
Luminous flux: 1258 lm.
Colour temperature: 4000º K.
IRC: > 70.

Photovoltaic panels: 50Wp.
Batteries: gel 2x12VDC/15Ah.
Autonomy: 4 days (16h/day) in adverse weather conditions.
Lifetime: 3,5 years.

Ideal spacing between columns: 3.5x mounting height (H).
Recommended mounting height: 3,5 - 4m.
Coverage area: 3.5xHxH m2 (“H” being the mounting height).
High lighting uniformity (compliance with EN13201-2 standard).

Versions & Dimensions (LxWxH)
SOLAR lighting column (1000x1070x1670mm).