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Pedro Martins Pereira

Pedro Martins Pereira

Metallurgical Engineer. Albergaria-a-Velha, 1952

Pedro Martins Pereira was born in 1952 in Albergaria-a-Velha. He has graduated in Metallurgical Engineering in 1977 by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Oporto.
He started his professional life at the family’s casting ALBA as the Head of the Casting Department and, subsequently, as Technical Manager. In 1988 he founded LarusDesign, which is specialised in design, manufacturing and marketing of urban furnishing.
Author of countless pieces of urban equipment, with Larus he has won several national and International Awards, namely, DME (Design Management Europe) e several Red Dot Design Awards.
He is a guest teacher in several Universities and Institutes.
In 2008 he acquired the trademark founded by his great-grandfather in 1921, ALBA, aiming to recover it along with its products. He participates in lectures, workshops and training actions. 

1991 - National Design Award.
1993 - 5 National Product Awards.
1994 - Nomination for the European Design Award.
2000 - National Design, Enterprise and Product Award.
2003 - Signposting City Polis Award.
2007 - Hall of Fame (ICSID Design edition).
2007 – Honourable Mention DME Award.
2008 - Red Dot Design Award. 
2009 - National Design Sena da Silva, Enterprise and Product Award.
2010 - Bid10 Biennale Ibero-American.
2010 - DME Award. 
2011 - Honourable Mention and Red Dot Design Award.
2011 - Face to Face Award. 
2014 - Red Dot Design Award.